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Village Lutheran Church coordinating, collecting and delivering meals for CSA

The Breskins purchased, prepared, delivered, and helped serve this delicious Baked Ziti, Salad, and Bread

Our “Make A Meal For One Night” program is a great way for you and/or your friends or group help volunteer your time OFF SITE. Often times our 5pm dinner service is not compatible with many peoples busy schedules, so we offer this volunteer opportunity as a way to help on your own time while still being an enormous benefit to us and our guests! This program also helps to alleviate some of the high costs of food and enables us to spend that money on other operational costs.



A Main Dish should feed at least 100 portions. That usually amounts to about 4 deep buffet trays as shown above. Feel free to be creative with your dishes! All types of food are welcome, however we do ask that you do not make anything with too much spice, and we try not to serve pork if possible.


If your main dish is not a starch like pasta, then an additional starch such as potatoes or rice is always a good pair to a chicken or meat loaf dish!


A side of vegetables or a nice salad adds a healthy balance to any meal. We accept frozen veggies, and bagged salad if you are unable to prepare those items at home. If making a salad, please leave dressing on the side.


Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, blondies, pies, you name it! Any sweet treat is always a great finish to a yummy meal.
Fruit is also a sweet and healthy alternative sugary desserts.

You are welcome to supply the beverage if you wish, but is not necessary. If you do supply the beverage, we ask that you do not bring anything caffeinated.

We will supply all plates, forks, napkins, and cups – however we do welcome donations of supplies as well

Ready to get started? Contact us to book a date!