This page is dedicated to past projects, and events. We thank everyone who has made an effort to help build up CSA past, present and future.

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On December 10th, Bronxville Troop 5’s Devavrat “Dev” Tarwala conducted his eagle scout project of renovating the ceiling of the Community Service Associates soup kitchen and office space. With the help of William Neild, Robert Harrison Brown, Owen Anderson, Luke Guszkowski, and his Scoutmaster, Mr. Anderson, they were able to replace the drop ceiling and the harsh fluorescent lightbulbs with new LED ones. He would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Jared Apuzzo for giving him the opportunity.

Dev first got in contact with Mr. Apuzzo from CSA soup kitchen in January 2022 and asked if they had any tasks he and his fellow Scout could help out in. They did. One very close to them, not necessarily under their noses but above their heads: the drop ceiling of their kitchen and office space was in desperate need of replacement. When Dev first arrived at the CSA soup kitchen, he was surprised at how badly the drop ceiling panels were beaten up. Some of the panels had water stains or holes, while others were altogether missing chunks. Mr. Appuzo had also mentioned that the light bulbs were in need of replacement. And by looking at how dimly lit the room was, anyone, especially Mr. Appuzo and his fellow volunteers and chefs who work in the space from morning to night, could say such is true. 

After figuring out the logistics, Dev determined that around $900 to $1,000 would be needed to buy the materials to complete the project. This gargantuan goal seemed out of reach for him and his fellow scouts. Yet, the community of Yonkers helped achieve this goal. By fundraising outside of the Stop and Shop at Cross County shopping center for six hours, Dev and his fellow scouts were able to raise $1,406.25, all thanks to the generosity of customers and Yonkers and Westchester residents. 

With the funds he needed, Dev secured the supplies and materials that would be used to undertake this task. After weeks of planning and preparing, Dev held his eagle scout project on December 10th. After a grueling seven hours of work, the drop ceiling of the CSA soup kitchen looked pristine and immaculate. The boys felt a sense of pride in their achievement. And Dev was able to go to bed that night exhausted beyond what he thought possible, yet happy. 

While CSA does get some funding from Westchester County, we would not exists without the generous donations of our local schools, churches, clubs, businesses, individuals and families! Monetary donations are used for all daily operational expenses from paying for food and rent to funding staff and everything in between. We THANK YOU for helping to keep our doors open, lights on, and ovens cooking!

Eagle Scout Project 2021

In December of 2020 we were approached by Life Scout JP Denfeld from Troop 5, Bronxville to discuss a range of potential Eagle Projects. Many times this means helping others in the community by doing a specific project. After a few visits and discussions on how the scouts could help, we decided that the best project would be re-organizing and moving our pantry which was located on the balcony floor to the unused office on the second floor. Along with the organization and thorough inspection of hundreds of canned goods, the team of scouts led by JP Denfeld moved everything, cleaned the shelving units, and even installed a fresh new floor in the room where the new pantry would live. They re-organized and re-shelved all pantry items by date, and product, and installed 3 brand new shelving units to hold many of our supply goods. This amazing crew did all of this is a matter of 3 days! We are so happy to have a beautifully clean room to store our emergency pantry goods, and we are very proud of JP, and all of the scouts and scouters that made this project possible. We wish to congratulate JP on this achievement, and want to thank all of the scouts, scouters, and adults who participated to make this Eagle Scout Project a great success! Check out the slideshow below!

Eagle Scout_2
Eagle Scout_1
Eagle Scout_3
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List of Volunteers from Troop 5

JP Denfeld
Michael Denfeld
Hunter Denfeld
Sheridan Denfeld
Jon Denfeld
CJ Green
Cian Merluccio
Roan Merluccio
Matt Presant
Gabe Gilmer
Vince La Vecchia
Marco La Vecchia
Edward Phillips
Peter Phillips
Alex Dallendorfer
Andreas Wimmershoff
Eamon Sullivan
Mike Reeder

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“The Winter Drive was a HUGE success at William E. Cottle School in Tuckahoe, NY.  This idea was created by the Cottle School G.O. (student government) with the help of our advisor, Ms. Pia Vicario and administration. We created a coupon for a PJ DAY to use as an incentive and boy did it work!  We collected the items each day and helped organize them. Our hope is to help others and provide them with things that they may need. We collected the items each day and helped organize them. 
Please send our best wishes to all!”
Sincerely, The Cottle School G.O.